PRO–45/CW, Pro Hunter Cherrywood

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Blade Type: Fixed SkinnerBlade Length: 4 3/8″ InchesHandle Finish: CherrywoodOverall Length: 9″ InchesWeight: 4.11 oz

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Skinner, all Purpose  use. Hollow ground and flared at the butt for greater control and handling ability. A  full 2 inches of Jimping (cut-marks) for finger or thumb support and control. XT80 Stainless (AUS-8A) (58-59 Rockwell “C” scale. High quality Tan friction fit Leather sheath. Made In Japan.  

2 reviews for PRO–45/CW, Pro Hunter Cherrywood

  1. STR8UPG

    Great Skinning, or general cutting knife. Unbeaten performance. The only query I have is that the knife did not fit the leather sheath tightly and will fall out if held upside down- A simple fix with gun tape in the sheath to make up the difference in width’s.

  2. STR8UPG

    I do hunting tours for private groups of usually well to do businessmen/weekend warrior types with all the best and newest gear. We do it
    North America wide, and I can’t even begin to think of how many carcasses we have dressed with almost just this knife alone! The guys are
    always blown away by the performance of said skinner, and I have converted more then ‘just a few guys’ too the superior quality of Katz. I always keep your flyer handy for them to go thru after they’ve seen the knives in action, and I always compare my Katz knives to whatever they are
    using, and things rarely come close! Top notch knife performance.

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PRO–45/CW, Pro Hunter Cherrywood $282.00