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Lion King Premium 302 Stippled Kraton, (Leather Sheath)

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Wild Kat 103 Stippled Kraton, (Leather Sheath)


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Blade Type: Fixed, Full Tang construction
Blade Thickness: 5 mm, XT80(AUS-8A) Stainless
Blade Length: 4.63″ Hollow ground with Satin Finish
Handle: Diamond checkered Kraton
Overall Length: 9.38″
Weight: 11 oz

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Hollow ground and flared at the butt for greater control and handling ability.
A  full 2 inches of Jimping (cut-marks) for finger or thumb support and control.

XT80 Stainless (AUS-8A) (58-59 Rockwell “C” scale.
High quality Tan friction fit Leather sheath.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 4 in
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1 review for Wild Kat 103 Stippled Kraton, (Leather Sheath)

  1. STR8UPG

    I have had 2 of these knives, one I gave to my Brother, and the second I bought 2 years ago. These knives both developed the exact same major
    issues that needed to be remedied- The blade quickly became very wiggly and loose in the handle attachment, so much so that you could wiggle
    the blade big time from the inside that was supposed to be secure in the handle, just by moving the handle up and down. Both had the exact same issue. To fix it I simply peeled back the Kraton from the pommel enough to get the nozzle into, and poured super glue inside of the cavity,
    (which is much bigger then you would think) and It worked like a dream, but it’s not the only knife from Katz I have that experienced wiggly
    handle issues. FYI- None of the blades ever separated from the handles, or even came close for that matter, just wiggly, but still worked
    great! (as a testament towards the steel itself.)
    As for the blade and blade quality they are both top notch, and the leather sheath is great and holds tight, but easily accessible too.
    The Blade is a skinner/ slicer second to none, plus the gapping holes it creates when used as a stabbing utensil are the things nightmares are
    made of!!!!
    Top quality blade, better then all the rest from any other company, but the handle finishing and quality control has left much wanting…………

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