Alley Kat 6006 Kraton

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Blade Type: Fixed
Blade Length: 6.5″ Inches
Handle Finish: Kraton
Overall Length: 10.75″ Inches
Weight: 7oz


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1 review for Alley Kat 6006 Kraton

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I do hunting tours North America wide, and always suggest to my clients that they buy Katz knives. The blade quality, and over all
    performance is second to none. I always let them see and play with and put the Katz knives I own to use, and have converted more then a few
    people over to the best over all quality knives there are!!!! And now we come to one of the best all around knives on the market!!!! I have two, both the same, the original’s tip point was pretty much non-existent from using a p.o.s. sharpening machine that zinged the point right off,
    before I learned how to sharpen knives (rookie move) many many moons ago. But it gave me the excuse to go get another one!!!! I have both
    the large, and small Alley Kat too, the large one lives on my belt, and the smaller can be used as a neck knife (which I do) or on the belt too.
    They both suffered from the bane of the Katz knives existence, which is wiggly steel inside the kraton handle!!!!! It was easily fixed (even
    though I should never have had to do it in the first place at those prices, but I digress……) A little slit inside the lanyard hole, enough to get the
    super glue nozzle into, and problem solved!!!
    My favourite, and the best knife I know of (for wtf it is). I highly recommend it too all! It is superior in every respect I can think of to anything
    remotely comparable.

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